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Law Firm's Practice Management and Accounting

Enhance your efficiency and complete your daily tasks.

Core Features

LawPractica provides all the features to simplify your routine tasks and maximize your efficiency.

Client/Matter & Contact Management

Manage your clients, matters and contacts and all relevant information.


Easy recording of Time, Fee, Expenses, Bills, Payments, Trust management and Bank Reconciliation.

Productivity & Financial Reporting

Quickly access the critical information that helps you stay productive at your business, make informed decisions and increase your bottom line.

Expanded Integrations & Capabilities

Unlock enhanced functionality with Lawpractica's integrated services.
  • OneDrive Integration

    Seamlessly manage and access legal documents with centralized storage and easy collaboration.

  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar Integration

    Sync application events effortlessly with Outlook for streamlined scheduling and organization.

  • LEDES-Compliant Data Export

    Export legal data in LEDES format for seamless billing and reporting compliance.

  • LawPay Integration

    Securely manage client payments and trust accounting within Lawpractica for streamlined financial operations.

  • Legal AI

    Harness the power of AI for enhanced legal research, document analysis, and predictive analytics.

  • Data Exchange

    Import external data seamlessly into Lawpractica for comprehensive case management and analysis.

  • Cop Trak

    Simplify expense management with seamless import functionality from Cop Trak into Lawpractica.

  • Communication Tools

    Facilitate internal messaging and text communication with historical tracking for efficient collaboration and client engagement.

Benefits of LawPractica

Enhance your efficiency to an entirely new level with the simplest and most functional practice management and accounting software available to law firms. Don't take our word for it - Contact now to get Free Trial today!

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