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Law firm's practice management and accounting solution


LawPractica is a practice management and accounting system. Designed to be easy to use and productive, LawPractica boosts efficiency and helps you accomplish your daily tasks faster.

Organize the Entire Firm

Organize and improve collaboration among staff with features such as centralized client/matter and document management.

Simplify Time & Expense Tracking

Easily record time and expenses and produce comprehensive reports on unbilled work across the firm.

Maximize Billable Hours

Turn lost time into revenue with timekeeping tools such as automatic timer in time entry to help you capture more billable hours.

Do More in Less Time

Maximize your daily productivity using with features that help you do more in less time.


Main Features

Effortless Client & Matter Control

Seamlessly manage cases and clients for optimized legal operations.

Streamlined Contact Handling

Organize essential contacts with ease for enhanced communication and engagement.

Precise Time, Fee & Expense Tracking

Accurately record billable hours, fees, and expenses for transparent billing.

Simplified Billing & Payment

Generate, track, and receive payments effortlessly for efficient financial transactions.

Trustworthy Trust Accounting

Ensure compliance with reliable trust fund management and accounting.

Easy Banking & Reconciliation

Simplify financial management with integrated banking and effortless reconciliation.

Enhanced Productivity Insights

Gain valuable data to boost practice efficiency and productivity.

Insightful Financial Reports

Access comprehensive reports for informed financial decision-making.

LawPay - An Affinipay Solution

Secure and Seamless Payments with LawPay Integration

At Lawpractica, we understand the importance of secure and convenient payment processing for law firms. That's why we've integrated LawPay, the leading payment solution tailored for legal professionals, into our platform. With LawPay, you can confidently manage your financial transactions while adhering to legal trust accounting regulation
Trustworthy Trust Accounting

LawPay's integration ensures that your trust funds are managed with utmost integrity and compliance. You can confidently accept and manage client funds, knowing that your financial practices align with legal industry standards.

Simplified Client Payments

Provide your clients with a seamless payment experience. With LawPay, you can securely accept credit card payments online, enabling your clients to conveniently settle their bills without hassle.

Comprehensive Reporting

Gain insights into your financial performance with LawPay's detailed reporting features. Track payments, reconcile accounts, and generate informative reports to make informed business decisions.

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